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Stop debating competitive collaboration – let’s make it work

24 February 2017

Debate around mutually-beneficial relationships among competitors in the private sector has been going on for at least three decades.

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The biggest cyber security threats are inside your company

23 February 2017

When we hear about cyber security breaches, they tend to be about a cunning hacker in a far-flung country, or a major technological breakdown. These stories are the ones that make headlines, and in a way they are easier for the victims to admit to. The security threats seem to be beyond the company’s borders and control. But in reality, the majority of cyber attacks are caused by the actions – intentional or not – of people on the inside.

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Four tips for cloud usage in the enterprise

22 February 2017

In a recent blog, we cited cloud computing as one of the top IT trends to watch this year. Hardly a fresh innovation, cloud has already had a significant impact on the IT space. According to research from the IDC, disruptive cloud computing has spurred a $60 billion increase in IT spend between 2013 and 2017.

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How to have a scalable plan for your data security needs

21 February 2017

When Internet Solutions launched back in 1993, the World Wide Web was in its infancy. Over the next decade, we would dramatically grow our customer base and install communication cables connecting South Africa with the United States. Between 2003 and today, we’ve opened offices in various locations across Africa, launched a state-of-the-art green data centre (an African first) and significantly expanded our product and service offerings.

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Bringing big data to your business via colocation hosting

16 February 2017

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, every business is dealing with a rise in data. And with all of this information comes the challenge of figuring out how exactly to go about handling it.  A business decision that can be rather intimidating.

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What a security breach really costs

15 February 2017

Every year, IBM and the Ponemon Institute partner up to study the cost of data security breaches in various countries across the globe. The research is conducted in 12 countries and this year, South Africa was one of the dozen nations under investigation. According to the research, South Africa and Brazil have the highest estimated probability of experiencing a data breach.

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How SkyLight offers integration and visibility of workloads

14 February 2017

Digital transformation has turned the data landscape into a complex labyrinth that is difficult to navigate without ultimate visibility and integration, especially for IT managers. But is it really possible to get both of these things from your cloud provider?

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How to reduce your online risk using our security solutions

09 February 2017

As businesses migrate to the cloud to take advantage of the numerous benefits it offers, they are exposed to an increasing range of online threats. Cloud computing streamlines business operations and saves huge amounts on hardware. But reliance on the Internet puts organisations at risk of data and systems breaches, which can be crippling. The financial and reputational costs of having trade secrets, financial documents, employee and client information and other sensitive data leaked or compromised can run into the millions – if not billions. And as we’ve seen in recent years, no company, not even mega brands, are immune to cyber attacks. Sony, Apple, Twitter and a number of banks have all fallen victim to hacks and viruses. With cyber criminals getting smarter, the shape of threats keeps shifting, and good security solutions are essential.

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How Internet Solutions' co-location provides measurable business benefits

08 February 2017

Choosing the right data solutions provider has become one of the core elements of business planning. Most businesses’ wealth is rooted in the information that they process, so not having a reliable data storage solution can be crippling for operations should there be extended periods of downtime, or a large-scale data breach. This need for secure, reliable data solutions has substantially increased the competition among data-centre providers to offer businesses with more than just space to safely store their data – but to help them increase overall productivity for measurable results. And at Internet Solutions, our data centres have been designed to do just that.

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Biggest IT trends affecting your business

07 February 2017

In 2012 Kodak went bankrupt. A company that was once totally revolutionising the world of photography ended up shutting down its operations. So what happened? Well, according to the Wall Street Journal, one of the biggest reasons for the company’s demise was top management’s inability to properly grasp how their industry was changing.

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