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How to Prioritise Multiple IT Workloads when Migrating to the Cloud

27 June 2016

Here are the four key steps you should consider for the successful prioritisation and organisation of your IT workloads when migrating to a new platform.

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How to Work Out if it’s Time to Change your Workload Cloud Platform

23 June 2016

Just because you’ve been running your IT workloads on a particular platform for years, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider moving them to a new one. Here’s what to ask yourself to find out if your current cloud platform is still working for you.

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How Consumption-Based Pricing Can Help Control your Data Centre Costs

23 June 2016

If you are still being charged for applications and cloud workloads, regardless of whether or not you’re using them, you need to enter the world of consumption-based pricing.

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The Wi-Fi Issues CIOs Should Be Thinking About Right Now

20 June 2016

Any CIO of a medium or large company is a Wi-Fi network operator, competing for limited available bands with other Wi-Fi network operators – companies next door, the building owner, public hotspot operators, wireless ISPs and others. Find out what you should be thinking about right now.

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