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A cloud adoption strategy for your enterprise

21 December 2016

While cloud computing may have technically been around since the 1950s the term “cloud computing” was only coined in the late 1990s. Described as “a new computing paradigm”, this notion of networks of servers stored on the internet was tough for many people to wrap their heads around.

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Four reasons Internet Solutions’ data centres are right for you

20 December 2016

In our data-driven economy, downtime has really become a ‘four-letter word’. 

The cost, hassle and reputational damage associated with system disruptions can be disastrous for even the most established businesses. As such, it’s essential that the people in charge of keeping things up and running have the necessary skills, resources and expertise to keep the lights on. Because data centres are at the heart of modern corporate networks, if you don’t have the knowhow to do so, it may be a good idea to outsource. By leaving the management and security of your information assets to the professionals, you have more time to do what you do best – run your business.

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3 Ways the world's top CIOs are driving costs reduction through IT

14 December 2016

Enterprise IT budgets are notoriously tight, and as pressures increase, CIOs are having to think creatively when it comes to doing more with less money. New technology, the need to replace end-of-life hardware and software, the demand for increased productivity, and the persistent desire to lower costs – all of these factors combined means that being a budget-conscious CIO is more difficult than ever before.

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Here’s how to secure your data this festive season

13 December 2016

During the holiday season, the last thing people want to be worrying about is data security.

But alas, just because most of us are winding down to the holidays and preparing to take a well-earned break, doesn’t mean you can relax your IT security efforts. According to Finextra research, it’s at this time of year that companies should be at their most vigilant because with everyone so caught up in the festive spirit, their judgement around data security is likely to be more lax than usual.

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How SkyLight helps IT managers save time

07 December 2016

Cloud integration, big data analytics, virtualisation, BYOD, Shadow IT and more – IT managers have a lot on their mind these days when it comes to keeping up with the growing demands of digital transformation. And, while many IT managers spend their time trying to get their heads around all the latest tools, buzzwords and processes, it’s becoming abundantly clear that most, if not all enterprise IT environments are in dire need of singular systems that reduce the growing complexity of burgeoning IT workloads.

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Internal vs external IT - the costs and associated risks

06 December 2016

Should you keep you IT inhouse or should you outsource it?

This question plagues many CIOs.

Here’s a great example of the difference between the two:

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Four crucial questions to ask about your cloud platform costs

01 December 2016

Cloud computing has the potential to deliver dramatic cost savings to organisations, but there is a caveat: these savings are only truly possible through efficient use of those services, by taking the specific nature of your workloads into account and complementing them with the right platform and the most suitable cost model for your business.

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