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Cyber security shifts to cyber resilience

02 February 2017

With cyber attacks running into the tens of thousands yearly (at a conservative estimate) and the criminals behind them developing their tech skills to increasingly advanced levels, it’s no longer a case of “if” your company will become a victim – it’s “when”. It seems like every week another big brand makes news headlines because of major disruptions caused by security breaches. Apple, Twitter, PayPal and a host of banks were among those that found their information and systems allegedly compromised by hackers this year alone. And it’s virtually guaranteed that 2017 will see a slew of fresh attacks. But this article isn’t about fear mongering – it’s a discussion of where cyber security is falling short, and what can be done about it.

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Overcoming the challenges of moving to the cloud

01 February 2017

While most businesses are aware of the benefits of cloud computing – improved scalability, elasticity and reduced costs – migrating to the cloud can still be rather intimidating.  IT teams looking to move to the cloud should adopt a “glass-half-full” rather than a “glass-half-empty” approach. Yes, finding the right cloud solution can be tricky, and it can be frightening to leave your on-premise systems behind, but once you’ve made the move, the rewards are great.

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Cloud vs. Data Centres: What’s best for your business?

31 January 2017

A few years ago we didn’t know what the cloud was but now it’s become the norm to operate pretty much all of our applications from it, as has the use of data centres. There are a number of factors to consider when it comes to making the decision about which platform is best suited for your business needs, which is made more challenging when you realise that both data management solutions are just opposite sides of the same coin.

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Information security: Companies are forced to identify their “crown jewels”

26 January 2017

Does any company have an unlimited budget for information security? Unlikely. That’s why it’s critical that you identify your most valuable (and vulnerable) data. Once you have an understanding of what this is, and why, you can build – and budget for – a streamlined security strategy. Most businesses have four core types of information that need to be prioritised when it comes to protection solutions. These are finances, employee data, customer data, and intellectual property – the “crown jewels” of companies. We’ll take a look at each of these in more detail below.

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Four ways to improve your IT management team's performance

25 January 2017

Business landscapes are getting more and more competitive. And increasingly, CIOs and IT executives are being called on to come up with creative ways to do more for less, and to do so in less time. Essentially, they’re required to develop innovative techniques to complete tasks and come up with smart processes that will help modern workforces be as productive as possible.

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How to identify and deal with these 3 common IT inefficiencies

24 January 2017

As the business world becomes more reliant on sophisticated technology to run daily operations, the pressure on IT managers increases to ensure that all these systems are properly managed and maintained. Ensuring that you stay current with all of the latest technology and applications to root out inefficiencies can be extremely time-consuming ad intimidating, but there are ways of ensuring that IT infrastructures are managed easily, giving IT managers more time to drive business technology innovation. By sticking to the fundamentals of good IT management, it’s easier to identify and deal with the most common IT inefficiencies. In this blog we highlight the top three IT inefficiencies that IT managers are faced with and how to go about ensuring that you effectively manage them.

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Why enterprises shouldn’t be nervous about moving to the cloud

18 January 2017

“People always fear change. People feared electricity when it was invented, didn't they? People feared coal, they feared gas-powered engines ... There will always be ignorance, and ignorance leads to fear.”

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Dealing with IT risk in your business

17 January 2017

Businesses face a plethora of risks on a daily basis, and in the modern era IT risks is at the top of the priority list. With large amounts of business critical data and online applications at the heart of all operations, finding ways to reduce and mitigate risks that could bring down IT infrastructure and networks has become a crucial part of daily management. As a CEO, the fight needs to be led from the top and you need to implement the necessary measures to offset these risks. In this blog we take a look at some of the measures you need to have in place to minimise the impact of IT risks.

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How Skylight from IS is Changing Cloud Computing in SA

16 January 2017

SkyLight is the James Bond of the cloud computing world: always relevant but ever-changing to adapt to your IT business needs. This first-of-its-kind aggregated cloud solution gives you, the user, access to multiple cloud providers – Internet Solutions Cloud, Amazon EC2, Dimension Data Cloud, Microsoft Azure – delivered through a single interface for your convenience. But what does that actually mean for your business.       

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Skylight: Delivering the World's Biggest Cloud

16 January 2017

With instant access to virtual computing, storage and networking capabilities, you have the perfect platform for growth and innovation. 

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